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I was born as a last child.

Into a lost generation of prodigies.

Into a decaying society.

Played in hard rock bands.

Took part in a live music club start up at 16.

I climbed free solo.

Moved an army camp as a logistics project.

Found dream homes for expatriates. Till the credit crunch bombed.

After I lost my job came my son then my daughter.

I fell in love with experimenting.

And questions again.

The better the more.

Right now I reached saturation point.

Wantrepreneurship will not cut it.

What keeps me awake at night?

Artificial intelligence vs the future of work.

And humanity as it is.

Climate change vs survival.

These overarching memes make everything harder.

No shortcuts.

No easy choices.

For deciding on projects to undertake.

Or clients I engage with.

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