Report from the bleeding edge of my tech talent sourcing, start-up journey.


  • Ship more content - I started to get obsessed with doing more. Hello, Spring! So, I concentrate on building up my content machine and do more to have enough to do content about. Status: I got all my ideas in a nice mindmap and started to code up a template. Aside: follow my Youtube channel,
  • Job/gig search – concentrating on my target space - HR, tech, startup, no-code, Saas & talent sourcing. Status: still have a bunch of bandwidth. Besides my part-time role as the Head of Talent Sourcing at ScreamingBox. Building up traction.


Recently I got stuck on doing stuff that matters to me everyday. To build volume and momentum.

Astronished I'm still keeping my daily 5.5 km elliptical trainer session streak going (plus a 9km once a week to make it 42k a week) since 24 Dec 2020, with only one day off (I was down on Feb 14 of all days). Stepped up my game and got down to daily 16 minutes HiiT/Tabata plank session every day since 15 Jan 2021.

Planned but couldn't make it work: add daily 5 minute hanging on half stakes put up at an angled beam in our attic room. Managed to overstrain my shoulders.

[Aside] Here's why you need a Now page too?

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