What I'm up to these days

The short and sweet story of zentrepreneurship.

Here's what I'm up to:


The focus word is:


From wantrepreneur to entrepreneur.


There are three entrepreneurial angles:

I. Pivot and growth experiments

Teardown videos

This is both for fun.

And to profit.

At least from getting better at taking videos, with a bootstrapped set up and to build a solid process for digital marketing growth in my mind.

B2B Email Outreach to find a sweet spot

It all started with an innocent online auction. And ended with me realizing the true nature of cold outreach.

Teardown videos

I always wanted to do one for one of my heroes. Yes, Richie Kotzen. Then I get to see different use cases. — founder

Recruiting for B2B problem interviews.

Laying down social media presence.

Next up — founder

Rebuild my oldest project from the ground up.

Shift focus from long-term corporate to travel B2C.

Personal stuff

I do my best to walk every day or run every second day.

Secure long-term housing on the Wild Atlantic.

Have a laser focus.

And have me say more: "No, thanks'".

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