Report from the bleeding edge of my tech talent sourcing, start-up journey.


  • Ship more content - I started to get obsessed with doing more. Hello, Spring! So, I concentrate on building up my content machine and do more to have enough to do content about. Status: I got all my ideas in a nice mindmap and started to code up a template. Aside: follow my Youtube channel.
  • Job/gig search – concentrating on my target space - HR, tech, startup, no-code, Saas & talent sourcing. Status: still have a bunch of bandwidth. Besides my part-time role as the Head of Talent Sourcing at ScreamingBox. Building up traction.


Recently I got stuck on doing stuff that matters to me, everyday. To build volume and momentum.

Astronished I'm still keeping my daily 6 km elliptical trainer session streak going (which equals 42km a week) since 24 Dec 2020, with only a couple days off. Stepped up my game and got down to daily 16 minutes HiiT/Tabata plank session every day since 15 Jan 2021. Also, introduced daily meditation and knee mobility sessions recently.

About to define my personal values. That meshes well with my push to introduce mental models in my everydays.

[Aside] Here's why you need a Now page too?

Check out my shiny biolinks page too.