Ultimate List of Job Search Apps 2021

You have a nagging feeling.

One that you wake up to.

It’s time to look for a new job.

And you immediately start to sweat.

Hang on there’s help a few clicks away.

Job search apps.

What are these apps?

There are a few distinct types of job search app ever built.

In the original article I’ve included products that have met their sunsets. But for the update I had a better idea. Read about them in my definitive post about sunset job search apps.

But that seemed oversimplified. So, I’ll list the healthy apps by these categories: Preparation, Hunt, and Close

With the categories alphabetically sorted.

Links leading to app landing pages, through bitly (shortening) as I couldn’t resist to see which ones you’d like to see for yourself. If you have an issue with bitly or your privacy then simply open a new tab and search for the apps’ name in duckduckgo.com.


These are apps and resources that make you more prepared and present yourself in the best possible light in the eye of employers. Including polishing up your CV, resume, cover letter et al.

Cake resume logo

Cake resume

Drag and drop resume snippets to build an impressive online resume in minutes. Users love most about it:

  • Free PDF export
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Clean user interface

Choizy logo


UK-based, mobile app: iOS & Android) – Career guidance with Artificial intelligence.

Enhancv logo


They claim: “Our resumes get people hired at top companies.” Both free and for pay options to touch up your CV, cover letter. They even help you find jobs.

Skillroads logo - SR on red


Their claim: instantly create a resume, cover letter with the help of algorithm.

Standard resume logo

Standard resume

Their key claim: “One beautiful resume that works everywhere.” People seem to like its clean design most.


These are tools & apps that make the grind less grinding. Help you with following up, finding email addresses et al.

Jobcrumb logo


From their website:

“Finding a job can be tough and keeping track of all those applications can be a hassle. Jobcrumb makes this procress simple for you. We provide an easy-to-use dashboard service focused on making it easy to track the status of your applications.”

Huntr logo


From their website:

“No more messy spreadsheets. Huntr keeps track of every detail about your job opportunities regardless of where you found them. Track contacts, notes, dates, tasks, job descriptions, salaries, locations, company data and more. It’s like a CRM for your job search.”

Job Hero logo

Job Hero

Optimize and organize your job search on one dashboard. It is stil running but last blogpost is from 2017 and the copyright in the footer is until 2016.

Jobwell logo


A visual “job CRM” to help you be more organized and effective. On dashboard job search doesn’t work in Europe.

Joustlist logo


Organize your job search by tracking all your prospects. An even simpler version which is not a spreadsheet. But sure looks like one.

MeetFrank logo


Job search app and community for startup jobs. Mostly in Europe, specifically in the Baltics.

Pockethunt logo


For both iOS & Android. With their own words “Tap into the hidden job market. Anonymously. A social recruitment app for talent in tech, design and marketing.”

Skillroads logo


Explore job offers from Top-500 companies.

Pitchme logo

SmartMe Profile from Pitchme.co

It does what it says on the tin. You link up your social handles (like github et al) and presto you got a profile to share or download.

Upscored logo


You upload your resume. Checks out the jobs available - they are based out of Silicon Valley so, mostly tech. Then the AI takes care of matching the employers with you. So you don’t need to do a lot just sit back.

ValuesFit logo


Job hunting made easy with a Kanban board. Plus a handy Chrome extension.


This is the least apped up part of the job search. Read, I’ve yet to find a candidate facing tool. Essentially this is the part where you need knowledge (about industry salary levels and such), plus know-how (negotiate.)

So your best bet is looking up salaries yourself. Indeed (here’s an example search from Ireland) & Glasdoor (example) both do an ok job here. If you are lucky you may even find reviews from folk who walked the road before you.

Expect updates down the road, if you know a tool, app, extension or webapp. Please hit me up if you know of another web tool or mobile app that helps with the demanding project of job search.


Still lost? Here’s my framework for a job search.

Else just let me know where did I go wrong here or did I forget anything.


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Originally conjured this up as a part of a series where I’ll dissect each phase and each channel to find where the breaks, friction points are, while I wanted to build somekind of tool to help soothe and oil the whole process.