Ultimate List of Job Search Apps 2021

When you build a web app, solution, widget, or else.

You have two ways to go.

On the road winding down.

You say to yourself:

“I don’t care about competition.”

On the high road.

You think to yourself.

Feck it, I actually do care about the competition.

But I truly digress.

As you probably never cared about apps yet to be built.

What are these apps?

There are a few distinct types of job search app ever built.

I first wanted to categorize by “healthy” (50%) and “dead” (50%).

But that seemed oversimplified. So, I’ll list the healthy apps by these categories: Preparation, Hunt, and Close

With the categories alphabetically sorted.

Links leading to app landing pages, through bitly (shortening) as I couldn’t resist to see which ones you’d like to see for yourself. If you have an issue with bitly or your privacy then simply open a new tab and search for the apps’ name in duckduckgo.com.


Estherbot logo - a robot "headshot"

Estherbot (R.I.P.) – You needed to drill down into code to make it work.

Skillroads logo - SR on red

Skillroads – “instantly create a resume, cover letter” with help of algorithm.

Most of the apps do offer a profile function.

Yet, I’m reluctant to classify them as delivering enough value in this critical phase of the job search process.


Applydog logo - dogs head on green

Applydog – A direct job search engine.

Colibro logo

Colibro – A job search engine for freelancers. Seems to be no longer active (last job Fall 2019.)

No alt text provided for this image

Huntr – Essentially a kanban dashboard.

Jobaware logo

Job Aware – An iPhone app that utilizes tech to help you find the perfect job.

No alt text provided for this image

Job bot (R.I.P.) – provided location + keyword based jobsearch with indeed API delivered in Facebook messenger. (Yeah, it had really the same “logo” as Estherbot.)

Job Buddy logo

Job Buddy (R.I.P.) – Was a Chrome extension to track job offers you found on the web.

Job Hero logo

Job Hero – Optimize and organize your job search on one dashboard.

Job Pal logo

Job Pal – Chat and apply directly for jobs from within Messenger.

No alt text provided for this image

Jobwell – a visual “job CRM” to help you be more organized and effective.

Joustlist logo

Joustlist – Organize your job search by tracking all your prospects.

Looking2work logo

Looking2Work (R.I.P.) – You could let companies look for you rather than you looking for them.

MeetFrank logo

MeetFrank – Job search for startup jobs mostly in Europe.

Merlinjobs logo

Merlinjobs – Apply to tons of jobs with a tap, and chat with employers. Mostly HORECA and retail.

No alt text provided for this image

Skillroads – Explore job offers from Top-500 companies.

ValuesFit logo

ValuesFit – Job hunting made easy with a Kanban board. Chrome extension.

Despite the pompous title I trust this is still short.

Do expect updates down the road.


Still lost? Here’s the conceptual, framework for a job search project. 

Else just let me know where did I go wrong here or did I forget anything.


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Originally conjured this up as a part of a series where I’ll dissect each phase and each channel to find where the breaks, friction points are, while I build the tool to help soothe and oil the whole process.