3 Reasons Why I Split The Pot In a Charity Auction

I woke up in the dark car.

I had to take a pee.

But my son slept in my lap.

So I had to wake him.

Got him in the rear seat.

I craved warmth.

But the sunrise was an hour away. The dawn of March 8, 2016.

Not the ideal start to an international women’s day.

I made my Qigong routine.

Then sat in to listen to the snoring of my kids and wife.

Last night when we left Galway.

And our short-term home behind us.

I didn’t have the nerve to call our only other housing contact.

We drove there with a vague plan.

And a great deal of hope.

The morning brought relief then.

And a home for weeks.

My business picked up again mid month.

Then a year and a half later.

Things slid again.

Lost the biggest retainer contract in my business.

Landlord played his old issues, fresh angle trump cards.

Right after school’s in.

We decided.

And went back West.

This time to Clare.

Long-term housing is but a dream.

And it feels strange to split with a charity.

Yet we’re going ahead with the auction planning.

animated image where young professional leaves a white board with the words: Plan Step 1 Stop being poor

First, I can’t let our Irish story end sour.

There’s no plan B.

So, we need more cash to sustain the follow up.

Second, I consulted with a local mentor of mine.

And learnt that it’s ok.

For the fundraiser to get their share.

Third, I have so much on my plate now that I must put skin in the game.

Else I risk procrastination knocking me out.

Have you ever run an online charity auction?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Please ping me on FB or twitter.