4 Online Charity Auction Platforms Checked One Nails It

We bought a Heidi Klum numbered china plate. At the Ennis Simon Charity shop

After my wife realized it’s not a cheap item.

The question sprang up.

Can we make money out of it.

In a charity auction?

We considered giving the whole sum to the charity.

But I lost the retainer part of my revenues this month.

My wife needs a laptop.

While we still must push our boundaries to make the Irish dream sustainable.

So we set our eyes on a split pot charity auction.

First idea was ebay.ie.


You can only donate to UK charities.

And we wanted to keep it local.

The next candidate was CharityAuctionsToday.com.

screenshot of CharityAuctionsToday.com website

An American site.

Legit with no negative ratings at BBB.

Yet its background was too complex.

WHOIS registration showing a private.

Tom Kelly with a yahoo email address.

Then a TKelly Entreprise Inc. shows up in the paper trail.

That’s went down.

Ok I do not see thousands of EUR from our first ever charity auction.


The next search iteration brought me to the Irish bid2share.com.

The bad news:

It’s dead.

No live auctions going.

And it would let you donate to set charities.

screenshot of bid2share.com website

Found a few big list articles.

Filled with US charity auction platforms.

But they are too commercial.

Ahem paying only.

Or too limited to my taste.

Then my love kept asking me: “Why don’t we put up a gofundme campaign, hun?”

I replied: “Why, I check it out.”

Sure many charitable causes gets funded on these platforms.

Yet I knew our cause lacks the focus needed for a successful campaign.

I stumbled on youcaring.com.

Better suited than gofundme for charity causes.

At the end I couldn’t sell myself to run a fundraising campaign.

That is a charity auction in fact.

After an extra hour of desktop research.

I fell on jumblebee.co.uk.

That got the look.

And smell of the solution.

So I gave it a go.

Did I forget any platform?

Ping me on FB or twitter if that’s the case.