Problem in business you're obsessed with? This is how to deal with it

I got flu.

After a week of work, work, work.

A major content push.

And nursing my kids and wife.

They brought the illness home.

Which is ok. What’s not fine is to realize the major content push I’m in is pointless.

No data to back up what could work.

I set vague goals before and they didn’t work.

So I wasn’t surprised.

The article that helped me to refocus is Neil Patel’s short vs long content post.

Here’s the punch-line that helped me most:

you shouldn’t sacrifice quality just because it’s Monday and your content calendar says that you must publish a blog post every Monday.

Another learning point from the article was.

However great the piece of content is.

It won’t work unless it helps a real problem of a potential user.

question marks in a book

And then my wife asked me this, after listening to yet another half an hour monologue: “Hun, why are you so irritated that you don’t know what they want? Why don’t you ask them?”

I replied: “Okay then.”

Then I slashed my forced content calendar.

And wrote this post instead.

I realized how high a chair I sat on.

How could I know what you need?

Without asking you, my dear reader, this question:

What’s the most annoying problem in your business, that keeps you up through the nights?

Two ways to answer:

  1. Tell me via DM about the area of your business you feel most helpless about on or FB messenger.
  2. Got 5 minutes extra on a few more questions? Take this short survey link to survey