How Doing Documented Teardowns is a Win-Win

It all started with a reach out and an innocent call.

Me: “Hi Pascal, it’s Dez.”

Then after the small talk, Pascal hit me with a simple line: “How can you help me? With more paying customers.”

I replied: “Look, I’ll figure out what I can do for you and get back.”

I felt dumbfounded.

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What helped?

  • I always looked at web pages with a keen eye, friends’ or acquaintances’ web pages even more so.

  • I remember falling in love with the music of Richie Kotzen then getting a shock when checking his website -

Me and digital marketing:

  • I started out building websites on the turn of the century yet it stayed a side gig. Then my own projects - link to /now page and my new obsession with customer discovery.

So, why digital marketing?

  • I see the enormous squeeze on small and medium businesses these days,

  • Coming from Google, Facebook - see algorithm changes, and stealing the attention span of people. Digital marketing - above all, online - is at the heart of everything we do.

What’s so good in teardowns?

  • It’s the easiest way to create new and relevant content. A win for both the website owner and me.

  • If I get the business onboard, it can serve as the basis for a case study and the framework of the actual consulting job. Again a double win

two workers one with an axe ready to take down anything, with the headline reading Perfection

How I select businesses for digital marketing teardown?

  • There are three groups.
  1. Gods and goddesses of rock. Based on my childhood aspirations.

  2. Local businesses. Living 2 years in Ireland without roots and connections in my new home country is not sane.

  3. International Moving businesses. I have a project idea with a loose hypothesis for the first phase of the international movers’ customer journey and I need to know more of both sides of the job. After two decades in the industry.

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Thank you so much for reading this far and watching the video.

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