Daring to Change in 2018? Careful Who You Tell

I tried.

But I failed the third time too.

The whole website project got stuck.

It was a real estate rentals project.

I wanted to make a twist.

On the regular way people engage with a real estate rental service.

I searched for emotional triggers.

To use in my content strategy.

I recalled a chap from New Zealand wrote strong articles.

I have found Derek’s new blog first though.



I read 20-30 of his posts in a 3 hours push.

I worked on non-content projects more after a few months.

Derek got into video then onto youtube.

Has looked at most of his videos.

Didn’t fall in love with them.

But I kept looking.

After we got back from shopping earlier today.

I opened my laptop and.


Derek came out with this beast.

Got a 2018 New Years Resolution? Be careful who you tell…

It gets boiling at 02:29 with this line:

“No matter what you’re trying to start. People will come out of the woodwork. And they’re gonna try to give you advice.”

After that he goes punch after punch.

Watch it now.

So, I committed myself to push this blog.

My take away.

If you have a mentor.

And they’re not on the top of your mind.

Keep checking on them.

Hey you, what do you start this January?

Further reading, notes, credit

socialtriggers.com - Home blog for Derek. Heavy duty social, blogging and online marketing advice.

This post was a big help for me early on with a blogging project Perfect Blog Post [Infographic].

The other post of Derek that had a big impact on how I approach blogging is The “Content is King” Myth Debunked.

Here’s what I am up to now.

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