Am I Too Old To

Stop the bullshit.

How many times I’ve heard versions of this.

“You’re too old to:

Live your dream.

Do this.


The big gig you want to do.” Then I have met these trekker buddies.

On a café’s terrace four months ago.

That I used as a coworking space in Győr, Hungary.

They looked for a major sporting goods store to buy new insoles.

I asked them: “What trek you’re on here in the middle of nowhere?”

They replied: “We walk the Camino Integrale.”


elderly trekkers sat down on a café's terrace in Győr, Hungary

They found a good cause.

Help kids.

That live with autism in Montreal, Canada.

Or on the streets of Hyderabad, India.

Or orphanated in Haiti.

A walk from Budapest, Hungary to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Known as the Camino Integrale or the King’s Road.

Here’s the shortest ‘walking direction’ for the 550 hrs and 2669 km stroll.

This is not The Way though.

It’s giving you an idea on how much you’d need to walk.

I checked how they fared.

To realize they stopped for now at leg 47.

They planned to be back in 2016 to move further past Innsbruck though.

So, the next time.

When you got that sneaky.


And ageist thought crawling out of your lizard mind.

From the next action to execute any plan.

Pull this post and give that thought.

A definitive kick in the rear.

You found your cause yet?

Further Reading, Notes, Credits:

More on the cause in French,

The trip this year through the 47 legs still French.

This is a rewritten, more exact version of an article I published on LinkedIn.

Updated on Dec 31th, 2017.

Photo #1 by Ultreia Fondation