On Gaming and Health

Just listened to a great Tim Ferriss Show.

With Jane McGonigal on Getting More Done with Less Stress and The Health Benefits of Gaming.

You should tune in to it too!

Note on Drugs to Tim

Not that I wish to experiment with drugs. Yet ways to quit drugs exist.

Read from Andrew Feldmar on tribes in Brazil using ayahuasca.

And his experiments with LSD.

Aside. I’d love to hear Tim have a podcast episode with Feldmar.

On Gaming and Stress

The gamified psychical recreation seems to be a great thing works.

The theory reminds me of the homeopathy principle.

To cure with the similar.

Ten minutes Tetris before bed time served me fine.

Man playing on his smartphone


I love podcasts.

But I work from home with our two kids.

And my wife around.

Thus, I found it hard to stay focused.

Then I read a comment on LinkedIn.

And the fella praised a recent Tim’s podcast show.

In the next sentence.

He said he finished a blog post while listening to an episode of Tim.


Waste of Total Focus.

Take Away

You can tame addictions.

Experimenting rules.

Focus is king.

Have you experimented with playing games to unwind yet?

Selected Show Notes:

On the use of psychedelics to simulate traumatic experiences [54:45]

The health benefits of Tetris and Call of Duty [39:20]

This one can work for sport performance:

Carry-over effects of watching sports/games to performing better [1:27:00]

Further Reading, Notes, Credits:

A follow up read on women in gaming.

Read this on studies on Tetris to help with addiction

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